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Life can be hard without a working bathroom in your house. Almost everyone has got the tools to fix small issues with their bathroom plumbing.

Clogged pipes, leaky sinks, and joints are the most common problems homeowners face. The best solution is to let a professional plumbing company handle them.

You could destroy your entire bathroom plumbing system, which costs thousands to replace.

Don’t worry, if you have any big or small issue, call us and we can do it all for you. Our professionals provide effective and quality services at very reasonable prices.

We can handle everything, from showers, tubs, toilets, faucets, sinks, and drains. We are 24/7 ready to fix all kinds of plumbing issues you may have.

To keep your bathroom plumbing system functioning, sign up for annual inspection services. Regular maintenance and repairs increase the lifespan of your plumbing system.

Sometimes diagnosing a problem can be hard for a plumber. In such cases, you could need another repair soon.

But we have got the right tools for the job. Modern diagnostic tools help us ensure that you don’t need a repair anytime soon and that all the issues are fixed.

Our plumbers use modern video inspection cameras. These help trace the issue in your bathroom plumbing.

Finding small leaks, clogged pipes and other issues is an easy task when using these tools.

Common bathroom problems

If you notice any foul odor coming from your sewer, this can be due to sediments, damaged drain pipes, or dry showers.

Don’t try to fix them on your own or you can end up causing more damage. Call us to immediately solve your problem.

If the water pressure in your bathroom taps is low, it could be related to the municipal water supply. But, it can also be due to sediments, clogs, or leaks.

If the water in your sink or toilet is backing up, it’s caused by partial or complete clogs in your bathroom pipes.

Leaks are very hard to notice as most of your plumbing system is underground and you can’t see it.

It’s an expensive nuisance, so let a professional deal with it and fix it in no time.

Services we offer

Clogs in showers, pipes, and sinks are very common issues many homeowners face. They are caused by hairs, soap, and toothpaste stuck in pipes.

Our plumbers will clean all the debris stuck in your pipes or sink and get them up and running in no time.

There are a variety of faucets and almost every house has a different one. We can treat all types of faucets, whether compressed, disk ball or cartridge, we can fix them.

Our plumbers can also install any type of faucet in no time and ensure that it does not leak anytime soon.

Toilet drains often get clogged due to improper use. When flushing items you shouldn’t, they get stuck in the drain.

This can damage your entire bathroom plumbing system.

It requires special tools to diagnose the clogs and leaks to fix the problem. Our plumbers will clean your drains using modern video inspection cameras.

Our skilled technicians can fix broken bowls and tanks, toilets that don’t flush or leak.

A leaky sink in your bathroom can be the start of a bigger issue which can eventually cost you thousands of dollars.

If you notice any type of leakage from any of your sinks, or water backing up in your sinks, call us.

We can fix all types of sinks and unclog the sink drain to restore proper drainage.

Our plumbing company has a team of skilled technicians and plumbers. They can install, replace, or repair your water drain or lines.

We also offer water conversion services that can lower your water bills and cut water usage.

Call us!

Our highly trained professionals are available round the clock for your convenience.

Make a phone call if you experience any of the above issues and our team will come to inspect them.

Leave the rest to us and we can get your system up and running in no time, at reasonable prices, in all of Greater Vancouver.